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The technology

We use the most advanced techniques including Operating microscopes, digital radiography and Ozone Therapy to eliminate all bacteria in an the most effective way to give us the highest percentage of success.

About the technology

Modern endodontics requires the most precise and delicate of treatment to achieve the long-term success providing both local and general good health.

Operating microscope

Operating microscope

Our most important advance in improving the quality of root therapy. This practice was the first in the UK to use the operating microscope. By using optimum magnification and illumination, the operating microscope allows us to see the finest details in a tooth's structure and to apply microsurgical techniques. With the assistance of optimum magnification, we can reach new levels of diagnosis and therapy in endodontic success.

Ozone Therapy

Innovators in this technology we are the first specialist practice to use the latest free-flowing ozone machine from Switzerland which raises to a new level, our effectiveness in removing bacteria and sterilizing the root canal system. Safe and affective ozone has been used in many other countries for treatment of many other ailments using non-invasive techniques. Ozone Article

Digital radiography

This is the digital equivalent of x-ray film without the use of environmentally dangerous chemicals which were used in the processing of normal film. It exposes patients to 50-90% less radiation. It is particularly suited to endodontics because it produces an image of superb quality that is instantly viewed on a computer monitor. This helps to reduce treatment time and allows the patient to see in detail the magnified result of the treatment.

Digital Panoramic ScanDigital Panoramic Scan

A comprehensive accurate diagnostic scan of the whole mouth to identify disease with the minimum of radiation using the latest most advanced technology.

Nickel Titanum Rotary Instruments

The files that are used to remove harmful material from the root canals and give them the correct shape are made of a new strong but flexible material.

The files are driven by a motor, which reduces the need for using hand instruments. This reduces the time required for preparation and produces a cleaner more predictable result. See Bristol Endodontic Study Club

Nikel titanium rotary instruments

We also use the very latest Self Adjusting File with internal irrigation using titanium stent technology.

Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments

Click here to see a video of the techniques used.

Rubber Dam

We isolate the tooth to be treated using a dental dam.
A 6 inch square of thin rubber which effectively isolates the treatment area allowing the patient to totally relax knowing that there will be no water, chemicals or most importantly instruments which can escape into the mouth. This allows the patient to breathe and swallow normally and often are so relaxed they fall asleep.

And for your comfort

Most endodontic procedures place you in a reclined position for up to two hours for each appointment. Our 'state-of-the-art' dental chair, with its soft cushioning and full articulated headrest and tempur cushion, ensures that your head and neck are supported for maximum comfort. We provide the choice of any music but you are also welcome to bring along your own music player and headphones if you prefer your own selection. The waiting room is peaceful and comfortable if you have an escort with a selection of teas and coffees.

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