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Referral procedure

  1. Send us your referral form:
    - Fill in the online referral form.
    - Contact us by phone on 0117 9238 400
    - Contact us by post. Click here for address details
  2. Clinical history:
    Please include a relevant clinical history regarding pain, trauma, and previous endodontic treatment or other information. This information can greatly help us in diagnosis and in our ability to prepare for your patient.
  3. X-rays:
    Viewing your films can assist us in estimating the complexity of the case and assessing the length of the appointment(s) required. All films will be returned to you.
    - See some of our previous cases
  1. Assessment:
    The tooth will only be root treated if it is deemed to be restorable. If there is some doubt, then this will be discussed with you prior to definitive treatment being carried out. See our advice page
  2. Consultation & Treatment:
    When we have made contact with your patient, a welcome letter is sent confirming the date, time and location of the appointment, a medical history and consent form (available online as well)
  3. Post-Operative Images:
    Generally we send post-operative images within 48 hours of completion of treatment, with a report and recommendations for subsequent restorative treatment.
  1. Clinical Audit:
    All patients are encouraged to return for review after six months. This allows us to monitor post-operative healing. Further reviews are organised on an individual basis as necessary.
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