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Health screening

We carry toxins in our body called FREE RADICALS which are highly reactive molecules which are present at all times as a result of pollution from the surrounding environment and also our metabolism working and the natural chemical breakdown and regeneration of our cells .

If however we have an infection in the body the level of free radicals may rise causing OXIDATION ( destruction) of important chemical systems in our immune system.

We need to reduce the level of free radicals in our body by increasing our uptake of ANTIOXIDANTS as well as instituting life style changes.

Both PERIODONTAL (gum) disease and ENDODONTIC
(root canal) disease  can be present for very long periods of time  with few if any symptoms. These may be producing free radicals in the form of Superoxides or Hydrogen Peroxide. The level of these very toxic reactive OXIDATIVE chemicals in the body, and the balance between them and the amount of antioxidants which stop their activity, is called OXIDATIVE STRESS – a measure of the ability of our body to deal with the free radical attack.


Using an ADVANCED SPECTROPHOTOMETER we use a finger prick test,  which takes 6 minutes to process,  to identify the level of toxins in the body and the amount of Oxidative stress.

Bristol Endodontic Clinic Spectrophotometer

Health Screening in Bristol

Dental infections along with Lifestyle may well contribute to general health  risks caused by these toxins being present in the body.

Do ask for further details if you wish to be tested.

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