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Carestream 8200 CBCT Scanner

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a special type of x-ray equipment used when the regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. It differs from the routine x-rays and dentists may use it produce 3D images of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.

CT scans have become an essential part of diagnosis in all aspects of Endodontics, Oral surgery, Periodontics and Dental implantology.

The new low dose Carestream 8200 cone beam dental CT scanner provides a less expensive and extremely low radiation dose diagnostic tool for the general practitioner and well as those in specialist practice.

Referring your patient for a CBCT Scan

Book your instant CBCT scan with our local practice and our friendly team of specialists will look after you. Send us a referral by using our easy online referral form (print out version also available).

Services Offered:

  • CBCT scan on a disc with all the software which can be read on any up to date computer or laptop.
  • CBCT scan with additional Consultant radiographers report by Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial radiologist.
  • Multiple slice view of the diagnostic area or hard copy or email. With this tool you can diagnose much more with greater certainty and ensure your endodontics, wisdom tooth extraction and implant placement will be safe in an ever more litigious world. Using this service, you will avoid being exposed to litigation should an unfortunate preventable iatrogenic problem occur.