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The practice has a relaxing waiting lounge with Hot and cold drinks. There is parking on the premises for the patient and their escort.


Most patients choose to have conscious sedation and will require an adult responsible escort to transport them home and remain with them until fully recovered and able to safely look after themselves.

We encourage you to bring ONLY one escort.


Conscious sedation using a safe drug called Midazolam . Placed in the back of the hand with a rapid onset the patient is relaxed and sleepy and may have little or no recollection of the procedure the following day. This is NOT a general anaesthetic. You will recover quickly and be able to walk out of the surgery, but you must NOT go to work, drive or operate machinery for 24 hours following treatment.

If you wish to have conscious sedation you will need to complete the Conscious Sedation Consent Form which you can download, complete and bring with you to the appointment. We will always require a consultation appointment prior to treatment to assess your suitability for sedation.

Sedation Consent Form