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Oral Surgery

The Bristol Specialist Dental Clinic provides comprehensive care for all Oral Surgery and dental implant services.

State of the art technology and equipment in a relaxing environment with scrupulous infection control procedures ensure you have a relaxing, pleasant, and safe experience in the hands of a Specialist in a dedicated Specialist Centre.

Below is a list of the different oral surgery services we have to offer our patients.

Dental Implants

Implants serve as a permanent alternative to a natural tooth. Set into the the gum-line with a screw to mimic the root of a real tooth. Implants look, act and feel like the real thing. As well as providing a cosmetic solution to fill gaps in the mouth, implants slow down bone loss and preserve tissue. Affordable, permanent and convincingly authentic they are often the best solution for a missing tooth or multiple teeth.

Dental Extractions

Gentle and sympathetic approach to surgical removal of teeth and roots.

The utmost care is taken to make all of these procedures as comfortable and stress free as possible. The surgical procedures can be carried out under intravenous sedation which can make the experience relaxing and pain free.


Many patients require the removal of one or more wisdom teeth as they often try to grow into the mouth and are “tight” for space leading to “Impaction”. This can cause pain and swelling and damage to adjacent teeth.

Correct diagnosis using advanced Digital X-ray technology (awaiting Tony's link)ensures accurate and safe management in a safe, relaxing and pain free procedure using Conscious Sedation.


Certain infections, buried, unerupted teeth or other conditions can cause the formation of Dental Cysts. These can and should be removed by an Oral Surgeon as they can cause severe complications if ignored and not treated.


Infections associated with the roots of teeth sometimes require a minor surgical procedure called an APICECTOMY. This is the removal of the tip of the root with any associated infection and placing of a seal over the end of the root.

An infection at the tip of the root spreads into the surrounding bone that supports the tooth and needs to be treated initially by ROOTFILLING or RETREATMENT of the tooth. Often patients are unaware of the problem but there may be discomfort, episodes of swelling, gum boils or a bad taste.

Why do you I need treatment?

If left untreated infections can lead to recurrent episodes of pain and cause damage to other teeth and bone leading to potentially serious complications. The infections cannot be completely cured using antibiotics, but are often used as a temporary relief of symptoms before a surgical removal can be carried out.

Bone Grafting

Good bone foundation for dental implants is vital to success, aesthetics and function. Many patients have been told they are unsuitable for dental implants because of lack of bone. This is often NOT the case.

“State of the art” dental treatment often involves minor surgery to create a new bone foundation (BONE GRAFTING). At Bristol Oral surgery Clinic all of these contemporary techniques are available.


This involves grafting to the floor of the maxillary sinus to support implants at the back of the mouth in the upper jaw.


This involves moving a block of bone from an area of the jaw where it is no longer needed to an area deficient in bone in order to support a dental implant.


This involves the grafting of a core of bone and simultaneous implant placement. This technique can considerably reduce surgical, time, treatment and expense. Dr. Simon Martin is a leading proponent of this innovative technique called a GEISTLICH procedure.