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Endodontic Cases

Below are a few case studies of some endodontic procedures we have undertaken

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Endodontic Case Number 1

Endodontic Case 1 - Before


Patient was referred for assessment. Referring dentist felt there was no chance of successfully treating these teeth and then restoring them because of the gross caries and the reduced tooth tissue remaining.

Endodontic Case 1 - After


Two molars and one premolar were severely compromised with very little clinical crown present. It was decided to retreat the 45 and treat the 46 & 47. All teeth were then restored. Patient has subsequently had crowns fitted by the referring practitioner. Both are delighted with the result.

Endodontic Case Number 2

Endodontic Case 2 - Before


Young adult referred for root treatment of 12 complaining of intermittent acute episodes of severe pain. On examination non- vital response.

Endodontic Case 2 - After


Very rare case of a lateral incisor with two canals completely independent with separate apical foramina. Patient now pain free with no further symptoms.

Endodontic Case Number 3

Endodontic Case 3 - Before


98% of upper first molars have FOUR canals. Typical symptoms of an unfilled MB2 is tenderness on lateral pressure and perhaps biting as well.

Endodontic Case 3 - After


This case shows the MB1, MB2 & DB identified and filled with GP. ( Palatal is not shown)

Endodontic Case Number 4

Endodontic Case 4 - Before


Patient referred with a chronic sinus over 24 present for two years. Bridge has been present for several years with occasional acute episodes of pain.

On examination inadequate pin retained core with a large apical area.

Endodontic Case 4 - After


A month after treatment, bridge had been removed, a root filling placed with a cast post and core. Apical area has reduced considerably in size and the sinus resolved in 48 hours. Single crown advised with implants to replace missing teeth rather than a bridge.

Endodontic Case Number 5

Endodontic Case 5 - Before


Patient referred with acute pain associated with 47. Large composite restoration with an apical area and curved canals.

Endodontic Case 5 - After


Immediately after treatment . 47 filled with GP and restored with bonded composite.

Endodontic Case Number 6

Endodontic Case 6 - Before


Patient referred with a fractured instrument in the mesial canal in the curved apical third.

Intermittent episodes of discomfort but no severe pain. Referring dentist wants to place a crown but has requested a retreatment and removal of the instrument.

Endodontic Case 6 - After


Fractured instrument removed and tooth retreated. No further symptoms and patient has had final crown fitted.

Removal of instruments in the apical third with a curve is very difficult and time - consuming but the result is usually a success.